The Screendesk API uses Personal access tokens to authenticate requests.

Create an access token

To create an access token, sign in to your Screendesk account and go to the "Personal Settings" page. In the “API Tokens” tab click the “Create an API Token” button.

Enter a token name and click on the “Create token” button. Once the token gets created, you will be able to copy the token to your clipboard.

You should now see the new token information in the table. You are able to view the raw token anytime you need to, as well as edit the token name and revoke the token.

Access tokens are tied to the Screendesk user account for which they were created. A token provides the same level of access & privileges that its associated Screendesk user account would have.

How to use your access token

Once you have created your access token, you can use it to make requests to the API. Requests are authenticated using HTTP Bearer Authentication. You must provide the access token in the Authorization header:

Authorization: Bearer {ACCESS_TOKEN}

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